About the Author

Warren Place is a first time book author and chef by trade. He grew up in South Shore, MA where he now lives with his wife, step daughter and chihuahua. He is very close to his many family members. Family is everything to Warren. He loves his New England sports teams as well as time out in nature. His favorite spot is the beach, where he finds the ocean to be a calming and spiritual place.

Warren wrote The Space Between, a collection of poetry, as a tribute to his mom. Leading to the first Mother’s day after she passed he was feeling depressed, numb, anxious and overwhelmed with intrusive thoughts. Being in such a dark place, Warren needed an outlet to help battle his demons and express his deepest emotions. He wrote a poem for his mom on Mother’s Day. The idea that came as a loving gesture turned into something he found that he desperately needed. He kept writing day after day.

The poetry helped to guide him – allowing him to escape the darkness, if just for a moment.