About the Book

We all struggle and experience challenges. This book of poetry is a journey through the author’s mind; his inner battles with OCD, addiction, and the loss of his mother. In the end, we all strive to have hope – hope for a new day, a better day.

Hoping for a better day is all he had left in him. Warren’s poetry strongly represents three dark roads he has traveled. His OCD, which is sometimes referred to as a beast in his poetry, takes the form of intrusive thoughts – thoughts that haunt the soul. This has been a lifelong living hell. His demons, coming in many forms, have always been there. He would always try to chase them away with the bottle. Warren has now been living sober for two years. The third road has been the loss of his mother, which brought on the most horrifying intrusive thoughts alongside feelings of depression, numbness, fear and grief.

The book also speaks of love, hope and enthusiasm. Warren hopes that his readers will find the book’s core message. Darkness is all around, but even the darkest seas need a lighthouse.